A Van for LDUPD

Lira District Union of Persons with Disability is an indegnous umbrella organisation that brings together all categories of disability in lango sub region. it was established in 1991 and officially registered as a community based organisation in 1992. it has always worked to break the that tends to treat PWDs as object. the main purpose for the establishment of the union is to lobby and advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities in the region and the country at large.

Lack of transport means (Vehicle) has made it very challenging for the union to effectively and efficiently implement its activities which includes; participation in national level awareness raising campaigns, following up of cases of rights abuse in the communities, conducting legal aid clinics in the different communities where we work and transporting some of our clients referred for medical rehabilitation to either Gulu regional referral hospital,

the above has also so far led to loss of lives of two members of the organosations in the names of late Florence Adong and Late Lily Arao who were knocked by motorcyclist riders on their way from community outreaches.

We therefore requesting for either inkind or financial support to enable us acquire a van for our organisation.
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  • Melvina

  • Marisol

  • Fernando

  • Duane

  • Hester

  • Dayana

  • Ashlynn

  • Larissa

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Created Apr 19, 2020 Lira District, Northern Uganda,


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