Feed the Frontliners Project

What is The Park’s Finest's Feed the Frontliners Project:
The Feed the Frontliners Project is an effort made possible through community members and angel sponsors buying plates for healthcare workers (nurses, doctors, clerical, custodial, etc.) and emergency responders to be fed during shifts. While it originally started as a way for frontliners to pick up plates at the shop, the approach has shifted where we now arrange for delivery to hospitals or fire stations.

How can my hospital department or emergency responders unit be included?
We created a form which helps us to organize the requests for hospitals and fire stations and confirm for future food deliveries.

I submitted my request with the form. When can I expect delivery?
Please be patient with us as we are doing our best with the team we have available. We are organizing our action plans each day and are doing our best to accommodate. While your form has been submitted, it means we received your request and are working on planning out when we can make it to the requested location. We will reach the contact person when we can schedule delivery. Confirmation from the recipient department is needed before we can drive out to the location. We aim to coordinate and finalize confirmation for deliveries at least one day before the delivery dates.

What does a meal include?
Food arrives in catering trays and include rice, Noel’s Smoked Gouda Mac, Elote, Vegetables, Ann’s Cornbread Bibingka, and a protein. Proteins options are rotating. Disposable plates, utensils, napkins, serving utensils, and accompanying sauces and condiments are included.

How can I buy plates for the Feed the Frontliners Project?
Please see our link in bio to buy plates. One frontliners’ plate is $13.00.

Thank you to our sponsors: Jollene Levid, Cheryl Zarate, Chavez Ridge Disc Golf Club, UMAMI Fund, Lynard Garcia, AC Makabali, May Zheng, Clara Chui, Paul Torres, Stephanie Sybert, Christopher Huang, Jennifer Taylor, Don Luong, Rita Garcia, Candida Boyette-Clemons, Rosalie Manansala, Danielle Tuason, Kristine Ngo, Dot Borja, Citadelle Priagula, Quoc Ngo, Michael Mallinger, Jacqueline Yu, Esther Namilla, San Tong, Irwinn Garcia, Marigay Del Castillo, Jim Padilla, Charlene Barill, and Anonymous Angel Sponsors
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  • Willow

  • Jacquelyn

  • Liana

  • Hailie

  • Aurore

  • Ebba

  • Lilla

  • Marge

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Created Apr 30, 2020 Los Angeles, CA


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