Green Ocean Challenge

Green Ocean Challenge is a project by 5 kids and their supportive parents (who are also doubling as deckhands). It is a ride on an electric boat that captures critical information about the welfare of oceans and their micro-particles and micro-organisms. Above all, it is a wonderful step forward for...Read More

All Things Considered

“All Things Considered” is a rare film because it captures a love triangle and one man’s decision on his journey to find love from the perspective of the male protagonist. Deriving inspiration from the words of 2017 Oscar winner for her dramatic role in Fences, Viola Davis, the movie is the creation...Read More

Short Film Show

The novel concept of The Short Film Show is all about showcasing passionate and entertaining short films to the world of television viewers. For the film makers, this unique platform is great way to reach audiences that wouldn’t normally watch short films on their tablets or computers This trendy ad...Read More

ICE The Movie – Chapter 1

In a world where ordinary people do extraordinary things, everyone has a true purpose in life. ICE – Chapter 1 & 2 are based on the true story of Joseph D Fisher. It follows the trials and tribulations that he had to go through to find out his true purpose in life. His experiences are relatable ...Read More

The Duchess of Cancun

The Duchess of Cancun is the first feature film produced by Helix Reel Entertainment. It was shot on location in Cancun, Mexico, during a 9 day span. In this film Chris agrees to go on vacation with his unrequited love Brooklyn, believing things will develop, but unaware that her hard partying hides...Read More

Noise and Color

Cinestone conveys amazing accomplishments of true to life craftsmanship, using new media dissemination stages. They remain at the bleeding edge of rising innovation to join the new rush of movie producers in the computerized age. The crane in flight is a symbol of good fortune in many cultures aroun...Read More


THE WAR IN BETWEEN recounts the narrative of a mind boggling bond amongst man and creature, also, an unprecedented treatment program helping US Army Veterans and wild wolves recoup from PTSD. Set up by Matt Simmons and Lorin Linder, the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC) is found a couple of miles...Read More

Bo Nan Za

A vaguely surreal western vs. a modern day story of urban “misfits” “Bo Nan Za” is a multi-narrative film inspired by the solemn poetics and the allusional traditions of westerns on the one hand, and by the empathic spirit of docu-fiction on the other. We turn to crowdfunding, aiming to ...Read More

Resilience – An immersive experimental movie about the feeling of “home” and the fear of change

Resilience is a metaphorical short film that takes place in the mind of a young woman, Renée, as she’s recalling her recent past experiences. Renée is an artist who leaves her country to study abroad. Here, her homesickness will transform in the search of the real meaning of “home”. Through the shor...Read More


A sign language short film about three young deaf women who work in a cocoa farm in a remote beach. A sign language short film about three young deaf women who work in a cocoa farm in a remote beach. Lili’s miracle is a story about the fear to the unknow but also it’s a story about accepting yoursel...Read More

She is King – A beautiful South African Musical film

She is King, a beautiful film that celebrates African culture, history and music in a contemporary, fun film. It’s a timeless story of a talented young woman traveling to Joburg, City of Gold, to become a star. It features some of South Africa’s best known music, a brilliant cast of characters in a ...Read More

‘Up or Out’

A female driven feature film showcasing inclusivity and acceptance in a traditional RomCom storyline Shani Hadjian and Elise Murphy are two women who decided to write a story that shows our lives and many other women’s lives: happy, career driven, romance filled, exciting, and sometimes rocky, yet a...Read More

The Lady of the Knight – Women in Medieval Sports

Documentary about medieval male sports and gender bias. Has it advanced/changed in the modern era? The Lady of The Knight is a contributor led documentary, which will explore the medieval sport of jousting. Through this documentary, we will learn how jousting has now developed from its medieval root...Read More

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