Short Film Show

The novel concept of The Short Film Show is all about showcasing passionate and entertaining short films to the world of television viewers. For the film makers, this unique platform is great way to reach audiences that wouldn’t normally watch short films on their tablets or computers This trendy additional distribution channel powered by Hold That Shot Ltd takes short films off the internet and puts them in font of millions of people around the world on TV.

The show is partnered by celebrated film festivals of U.K, like Raindance and Edinburgh ESFF, The show has received funding from the European Economic Development Fund.The idea of The Short Film Show was conceptualised by Alex Doherty who brought Paul Davies in to direct it. The pilot has been an unprecedented success, with the series receiving a roaring reception and quality short films pouring in to fill the one hour episodes.

To complement the publicity brought in by the TV shows, the Short Film Show announces a high-end award screening, where producers get a chance to bag the prestigious International Short Film Television Awards. The show pitches to the global film-savvy population to contribute to this major endeavour of connection the television and the short film industry. Contributors are in for a bundle of perks which include exclusive sneak peeks, social media exposure, streaming the series, special guest sessions and series sponsorships.

Have a look at the Indiegogo link below for more information:

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